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This concealment shoulder holster allows you to position the holster in a horizontal or vertical position. The gun holster is constructed from heavy-duty Cordura nylon and uses waterproof close-cell foam padding. This design protects your gun from moisture and is padding for your comfort. The holster is lined to protect your gun’s finish and allows for a fast and smooth draw. A  fully adjustable thumb break with an extremely durable steel snap to secure your gun in the holster is included.

The specially contoured front straps are made from Cordura and nylon webbing and are wider across the shoulder for comfort and weight distribution. They are padded with a non-slip material that stabilizes and prevents them from slipping or sliding, even with heavy, full size guns.

The straps also use one-way snaps which can withstand extreme pressure without unlocking. They allow you to position the holster and magazine carrier either horizontally or vertically, resulting in a sleek, lightweight concealment shoulder rig that has great weight distribution for all-day comfort and concealability. The adjustable back strap connects the holster and magazine carrier  preventing forward sway and removes the need for belt tie-downs even when bending over.

Instead of using a rigid, plastic rear center strap connector, we use one made from high quality leather for this shoulder holster. This adds comfort when you are seated or driving, plus the center piece will not ride up your back.

This incredible deep concealed shoulder holster is easily adjusted and fits most male or female torsos up to a 52″ chest.


  • Open holster muzzle allows you to holster guns with different barrel lengths
  • Adjustable thumb break that fits multiple guns
  • Leather center strap connector
  • Color – Black
  • Right hand (cross draw) only!


  • Harness
  • Gun holster (made from Denier ballistic coated nylon that will not mar your gun’s finish)
  • Retention strap with snap
  • One single magazine carrier
  • 2 belt tie downs (just in case)

Quick Reference Sizes:

  • MSH-194 – Medium Frame autos w/3.5″ barrel (Includes Single Stack Mag Carrier)
  • MSH-26 – Compact 9mm, .40 cal. autos (Includes Double Stack Mag Carrier)
  • MSH-17 – Large 9mm, .40 cal. autos (Includes Double Stack Mag Carrier)
  • MSH-195 – 1911s 4″ & 5″ barrel (Includes Single Stack Mag Carrier)
  • MSH-92 – Full Size Beretta 92/96 (Includes Double Stack Mag Carrier)

Click here to view the full Holster Size Chart


Conceal your holster with our fast access concealment shirts.


Have handguns that fit a different holster or want more magazine carries?, no problem. Order additional holsters or magazine carry. This way you can swap them out with the shoulder harness.


Please Read This Regarding Assembly & Adjustment –

The holster, straps, and mag carrier are attached using heavy duty one way snaps.

** Do not use pliers or other tools when connecting these heavy duty snaps. The surface will dent! **

These snaps easily attach and detach in one direction to provide the greatest connection strength. When attaching snaps, ROLL the receiver part of the snap onto the stud part of the snap while pressing down. This ROLL needs to be in the direction away from the strap connected to the snap. You cannot press one part straight down onto the other – they will NOT go together. In order to separate the snap, simply ROLL the receiver in the opposite direction (toward the strap) while lifting. The two parts of the snap will go together and come apart easily when this is done correctly. If it is difficult, then you are not ROLLING in the correct direction. The rolling movement must be along the same line as the strap connected to it.

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