Why A Weapon Mounted Laser Sight?

Whether you’re dry fire practicing or drawing your concealed weapon in a self defense situation, having a Laser Sight mounted on your weapon can be a great advantage in shot accuracy. The objective of a laser is simply to improve shot placement. There are a variety of ways in which a pistol laser sight can improve your accuracy.


Revolver Laser Sight

Regular practice is essential if you own a firearm. Dry firing provides an opportunity to practice all aspects of firearm usage in the safest possible setting. Except that you really can’t tell how accurate your shot placement would be. The answer to that is a weapon mounted laser. With the laser activated you’ll be able to see exactly where the muzzle of your weapon is pointed at all times.  From the draw through firing and re-holstering, the laser dot will provide a great deal of information. Watching the movement of the laser dot during this whole process will help you see and diagnose any errors. You’ll see unnecessary movement, shot anticipation, trigger pull problems etc. The laser can be a great tool to help see problems you weren’t aware of. It will build consistency and confidence in the use of your weapon.

The real question everyone wants to know is how a laser can help when actually firing a weapon. There are a variety ways a mounted laser can help improve accuracy. The laser sight is useful because it takes the place of using the iron sites by making aiming simpler and faster. From the second the weapon is drawn the position of the laser dot will tell you where that shot is going whether you’re shooting from the hip or taking a standard aiming position. Knowing your shot will go where the laser dot is helps to reduce the number of variables you need to contend with in a stressful situation. No thinking about rear site, front sight, target. Just put the dot on the target and go.


Pistol Laser Sight

The pistol laser sight also allows you to focus on the threat rather than just your iron sights. You can also see more of what’s going on around you. The process of aiming using iron sites forces you to focus on two parts of your weapon and the target. This can make it difficult to see anything else including anything on the target lower than where your weapon is aimed. When all you have to do is keep the laser dot on the threat it makes it easier to use your peripheral vision and also see more of the threat.

All of this makes it easier and more accurate to shoot from something other the standard aiming position. Can you shoot from the hip without a laser? Of course. But is your accuracy improved from the hip when you see that laser dot and you can quickly adjust your weapon to put that dot right where you need it? Of course. What if you’re on the floor or in some awkward position where you just can’t take a standard aiming position? What if you’re forced to run while firing? Without a laser in these situations aiming is much more of a guess. The pistol laser sight imply allows for faster, more accurate shots.

And Finally…

Remember, you will always have your iron sights if you need them. Putting a laser on your weapon generally does not disable your iron sights. With a laser you simply now have two different ways to aim. Practice regularly with both!

And lastly, seeing a red dot on his chest will cause the average bad guy to seriously re-think his chosen line of work!


Laser Light Combo

So in the end, why a laser? The real question is why not?!

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