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Why A Weapon Mounted Laser Sight?

Whether you’re dry fire practicing or drawing your concealed weapon in a self defense situation, having a Laser Sight mounted on your weapon can be a great advantage in shot accuracy. The objective of a laser is simply to improve

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Holiday CCW Gift Ideas

Stuck on a gift for that someone special? Why not give the gift of concealed carry or a great accessory? Here are the top selling items at Gunner Security Women’s Shoulder Holsters – We offer a concealed carry shoulder holster

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Viridian C5L-R Red Laser & TacLoc Holster

I was surprised with all of the “Green is Better” marketing Viridian has been conducting since the start of their company. Then out of nowhere, they introduce two red lasers, the Viridian C5L-R and X5L-R red lasers. Both of these

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Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser – Ruger LCP and LC9

I have been selling lasers for over eight years and the Reactor 5 from Viridian Viridian R5 is one nice green dot laser. It mounts to your pistol by wrapping around the pistol’s trigger guard just like the red dot

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SightMark SM25002 Triple Duty Compact Green Laser

My first impression of the Sight Mark SM25002 Triple Duty Compact Green Laser. As soon as I opened the box, I noticed a well designed package allowing the laser to be bounced around by shipping companies and still arrive in

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How To Buy A Rifle Scope

Tips on Selecting the Right Rifle Scope Ask yourself, what am I using the scope for? A scope for varmint would be different than one used to hunt Cape buffalo. What type or reticle do I like? Is it illuminated,

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Viridian Green Lasers

Are Viridian Green Lasers Worth The Price? Viridian has been making green lasers for a long time and they just about wrote the book on how to do it. Their products have been through a few design changes and what they

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Viridian X5L Green Dot Laser & Flashlight Combo

Gunner Security has added the Viridian X5L Green Dot Laser/Flashlight combo to its ever growing list of quality lasers. The X5L is in even more demand than the Viridian C5 and C5L so supplies are very limited. The Viridian X5L tactical

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How Far Should My Laser Beam Go?

Distance of Laser Beams Lasers will travel the same distance in the day or night and in theory, a laser beam can go forever but there are many items that can influence the distance.  The air temperature, battery strength, the

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Green or Red Laser, Which One Is Better?

Laser Questions For most individuals, a green laser is brighter than red lasers because they are closer to the center of our visible spectrum, making them look brighter to the human eye. Physical size of weapons mountable green lasers are

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