Why I like selling at Gun Shows

Gun shows are a unique selling and buying experience. You get to meet many different types of individuals, where some have been involved with firearms for most of their life, folks who are purchasing their first firearm or just they started looking. Gunner Security has been attending the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado for almost 10 years and it’s still great to see old friends, make new ones and learn what they have been up to.

I enjoy talking to everyone and love seeing their firearms.  It amazing how many different types, sizes, calibers and configurations there are.  Many times folks stop by and we discuss what laser or flashlight will fit their pistol or rifle, or they try on different types on concealment holsters to determine which one they like best.  I enjoy helping others find just the right product, even if I don’t offer it.

Gunner Security Booth at the Tanner Gun Show in DenverAt times, I end up installing the item they purchased on their pistol. This keeps me up to date on many different types of installations and allows me to show them how easy it is to install it, how to use it, how to sight it in, change batteries, etc. I hear great stories about how well my products work and interesting modifications they made to some of them.

Attending gun shows is an excellent way to see many of the new firearms, accessories, holsters, flashlights, optics, lasers, knives plus other products not related to firearms.  I have picked up some cool pictures of John Wayne, blow dart guns and had items custom embroidered. I also have received a few good tips on new products that I have added to my product line.

It’s also one big family between the dealers.  Most of us have been in the same location at the show for years and have built up lasting friendships.  We watch out for each other and are always there to lend a hand.  At times, it can be tough with all of the booth setting up and then breaking down a few days later but it’s still fun and I recommend if you have never been to a gun show or haven’t gone to one in a while, it’s worth a visit.  Admission to most gun shows is usually around $7 to $8, free parking and its well worth the price.


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