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Why I like selling at Gun Shows

Gun shows are a unique selling and buying experience. You get to meet many different types of individuals, where some have been involved with firearms for most of their life, folks who are purchasing their first firearm or just they started

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Colorado Recall Election Worked

Well there you have it. Here is the outcome and the follow up my blog I posted on July 25th. On September 10th 2013, history was made in Colorado when gun right advocates of Colorado Springs and Pueblo voted out

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Viridian C5L-R Red Laser & TacLoc Holster

I was surprised with all of the “Green is Better” marketing Viridian has been conducting since the start of their company. Then out of nowhere, they introduce two red lasers, the Viridian C5L-R and X5L-R red lasers. Both of these

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Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser – Ruger LCP and LC9

I have been selling lasers for over eight years and the Reactor 5 from Viridian Viridian R5 is one nice green dot laser. It mounts to your pistol by wrapping around the pistol’s trigger guard just like the red dot

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What to Look for in a CCW Class

Tips on Choosing a Concealed Carry Class The CCW Instructor I have been asked this many times so I thought I would put my opinion in this blog. Every instructor I have met is NAA certified so I’m going to assume

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Colorado Gun Control Recall Election

Governor John Hickenlooper made Colorado history by finally setting the date of Sept. 10, 2013 for the recall elections of two pro-gun law Colorado state senators, making this the first recall effort in the Colorado’s history. Both of the petitions

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Viridian Red C5L-R and X5L-R Lasers

Viridian now offers 2 red dot lasers with flashlight versions of their green dot C5L and X5L lasers. The C5L-R and X5L-R use the same style body as their green laser counterparts, but the flashlights are brighter and their beam

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Surviving An Armed Attack At Work

A MUST WATCH high quality video produced by the government. What would you do if an gunman shows up at work or school? Spend 6 minutes watching tips to increase your chances of surviving an attack. This video was presented during

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2012 in Review For Gunner Security

Best Selling CCW Products This Year & More As 2012 wraps up and we welcome in 2013, we want to share with you some of our milestones for 2012.  We have had a year of growth here at Gunner Security,

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Can I Bring My Gun To College?

Concealed Carry & Laws at Colleges & Universities Currently, in 22 states, it’s illegal to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus. In 25 states, the decision is left to the individual college or university. So far, five states,

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