The variety of Flashlights on the market today is staggering. There are flashlights available for nearly every conceivable purpose. Unlike many companies, we carry a variety of lights to help our customers fit their specific needs. Hand held tactical lights, weapon mounted lights, hunting light kits, high lumen lights, CREE LED flashlights, laser/light combinations, and more are all available here. We carry products from a variety of manufacturers to fit both your quality needs and your budget. We even carry an iPhone flashlight built into your phone case – 200 lumens!

The Hand Held Tactical Flashlight


Tactical Light – Nitecore P12GT

Some of our most popular lights are our hand held tactical flashlights.  These are generally in a size that easily fits any hand and can conveniently go in a pocket or purse. We have lights that will go from 1 lumen (for pitch black conditions) to over 1000 lumens. These lights are often equipped with multiple functions including Strobe (great for self defense at 1000 lumens!), SOS, Beacon and more. A hand held light with these capabilities can be indispensable in the nightstand, in the car, or used when just out walking.

The Weapon Mounted Light

A weapon mounted light can be a great tool in that self defense situation where the ambient lighting is insufficient.  As always, safety is a priority and using a weapon in sub-optimal light conditions is just foolish! You need to


Weapon Mounted Light – Streamlight TLR 3

see BEFORE you can shoot.  A weapon mounted light can be just what you need.  These will generally be a rail mounted light but there are some

trigger guard mounts available.

You can find a mounted tactical flashlight for both handguns and long guns.  Many of the rail mounted light models can be used on anything with a rail.  So a pistol mounted light might also be used on an AR15 proving great flexibility. There are also lights designed to fit on smooth barrel weapons such as shot guns. Whatever your weapon preference, there is most likely a mounted tactical flashlight available!

Flashlight – Laser Combos


Laser-Light Combination – Viridian

Another weapon mounted light is the laser/light combo. In one compact unit you can have a tactical light and a laser sight. Most of these units can be mounted on a standard rail. However, more trigger guard mounted units are coming on the market all of the time. The laser/light combo gives the user the greatest flexibility in terms of using either the light or the laser or both simultaneously. And often the units include solid and strobe modes.

A good flashlight is indispensable. Whether hand held or rail mounted, today’s lights can be extremely powerful and durable. Multiple functions make flashlights more useful and versatile than ever. And today flashlights can be great self defense tools!