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Shoulder Holsters – Concealed Carry with Confidence!

Shoulder Holsters are a tried and true way to carry a concealed weapon.  People have used this holster style in law enforcement, military, security, and everyday applications.  Shoulder holsters can accommodate nearly any handgun in a manner that provides quick access, weapon security, and concealability. And consequently our customers have made our concealment shoulder holsters some of our best selling products.

How it works

This type of carry places the weapon under the left or right arm depending on which hand you draw with.  The holster will generally sit against the ribs, either higher or lower depending on the particular style of shoulder holster used. Cross draw (drawing with the hand on the opposite side from the holster) is necessary with this holster style as the weapon sits under the arm and is generally too high to reach with the arm on the same side as the weapon. Shoulder straps hold the holster in place and there is often a strap across the lower back to keep the rig from moving forward. There can also be tie downs between the rig and the belt for added stability.

Horizontal Carry Shoulder Holster

Horizontal Carry Shoulder Holster

Generally the weapon will ride vertically with the butt facing forward for an easy grip with the opposite hand. But there are units that allow for horizontal carry. A good unit will also have a mag pouch somewhere on the rig.

People using a shoulder holster for concealed carry will need to wear a shirt or jacket over the holster. Sport coats can work well as long as nothing shows on the front of the holster system. A zippered jacket or anything with quick access works well. Shirts with a button or zippered front can also work.  Customers can also choose shirts that have Velcro attachments where buttons are normally located. Depending on what you wear over the shoulder holster, it can be one of the most accessible methods of concealed carry. And yet it can provide a very fast draw!

Women’s Shoulder Holsters


Women’s Shoulder Holster

Many shoulder holsters were designed with men in mind. But customers are now seeing more styles designed to fit women better. The shoulder strap design is usually a little different.  They also tend to be made of lighter, softer material. Often they are designed for carrying lighter weapons such as .380s or 9s. And finally, women are finding these holsters in sizes smaller than were generally available in the past. And therefore women now have a larger selection than ever of shoulder holsters to choose from.


Shoulder holsters are available in a variety of materials.  The right material for you depends on a number of factors including; weight of the weapon, frequency of use, comfort needed, and ease of concealability. Leather, nylon, and cloth tend to be the primary materials used in the construction of shoulder holsters.  Generally, the stronger the material the greater the durability and the heavier the weapon it can accommodate.  But these aren’t as easy to conceal as something made from cloth. Customers need to consider these kinds of factors when deciding on the right shoulder holster.

So you should consider a shoulder as one of the ways to carry concealed.  They have a number of advantages and may be just what you need for certain situations.

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