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The Best Concealed Carry Holster

An often overlooked part of handgun selection is the holster. When openly carrying a handgun, fewer issues need to be considered during selection because you do not have to worry about concealing your weapon and a bulky generic holster can

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Pocket Holsters – New take on an old standby

There are many ways to carry a weapon concealed. One of the simplest is the tried and true pocket carry. There have probably been guns in pockets as long as pocket sized guns have existed. But gone are the days

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Why a woman should get a CCW

A Gallup poll from October, 2013 asked what the main reason for owning a firearm was. Sixty percent mentioned personal safety/protection. Another poll conducted by the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) discovered women owing guns has increased from 13 percent

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Holiday CCW Gift Ideas

Stuck on a gift for that someone special? Why not give the gift of concealed carry or a great accessory? Here are the top selling items at Gunner Security Women’s Shoulder Holsters – We offer a concealed carry shoulder holster

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Women’s CCW Concealment Holsters

Two Great and Inexpensive CCW Concealment Holsters for Women From my conversations with women, it can be difficult  to conceal a weapon due to clothing manufacturers making women’s apparel small, tight and pants with tiny pockets.  To get around this,

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How to care for a Wallet Holster

The original Wallet Holster still sets the standard for ease, design, and comfort in concealed-carry! Many imitators have come along but this trademarked holster still sets the standard for function, fit, and craftsmanship. Stability is provided with a tight, secure

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Shopping For Concealment Holsters For Men

I am often asked about different concealment holsters for men. In my first post on this topic I discussed: How a Firearm was to be carried Body & Firearm Size Overall Body Shape & Size Left Handed or Right Handed

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Selecting Concealment Holsters For Men

Concealment Holsters for Men Options I am often asked by new gun buyers what type of holster should they get.  Lately I have seen more on an interest in this question with a gender specific twist.  I am often asked

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Magazine Ankle Holster: Things To Consider When Selecting

If you’re packing using an ankle holster, where will you carry the extra magazines?  If you are dressed up for the night, a side or shoulder holster carry may not be practical and a bulge in your pants pocket may

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What is a Billfold Holster?

Billfold Holsters: Types & Concealed Carry Uses A billfold holster is designed to carry a small semi-automatic pistol in a holster usually in your back pocket, resembling a billfold. The idea is to allow fast access to your pistol. There

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