Women’s Concealment Shoulder Holster



A woman’s shoulder holster that keeps your firearm comfortable AND concealed!



Our Women’s Concealment Shoulder Holster is designed to be light, comfortable, and match the contour of a woman’s body. When it comes to concealed carry holsters for women, most shoulder holsters on the market simply don’t fit women well. However, this women’s concealment shoulder holster is unique in it’s design as it was designed with women in mind. And consequently women find that it fits very well while still being a tough and practical holster!

Shoulder Holster Construction

Although the woman in some of the images is wearing a shirt, this shoulder holster’s main band uses a very soft material and can therefore also be worn against bare skin. In order to make this shoulder holster lightweight and comfortable, the shoulder straps are 1” in width and have adjustable front and rear slides. Additionally, the back features a 3” wide elastic band creating a comfortable all-day, light weight, and comfortable carry. Furthermore, the holster is sewn onto the harness and includes moisture wicking material which helps avoid perspiration issues. A single magazine pouch is sewn on the opposite side resulting in a better balance from side to side. These shoulder holsters are available in either Black or White.

Sizing and Availability

Customers can choose from 2 different holster pouch sizes on these units. The Small holster is for pistols 3.5″-5.5″ in overall length or a Medium holster for firearms 4″- 7″ in overall length.

The size of the harness is determined by your bra band size or the measurement around the torso just under the breasts/pecs where the stomach meets the sternum. This holster can be ordered in Bra Band sizes from 30″ to 45″.

We have certain sizes currently in stock and available for immediate shipment.

(Sizes/colors not currently in stock can still be ordered and will be shipped once they are manufactured – see note below)

Shoulder Holsters Currently In Stock  – 

Black, Right Hand Draw, Small Holster
Size 32-33 and 34-35

Black, Right Hand Draw, Medium Holster
Sizes 30-31, 32-33, 34-35, 36-37, and 38-39

White, Right Hand Draw, Medium Holster
Sizes 34-35 and 36-37

*** NOTICE: Due to the incredible demand for this woman’s shoulder holster, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of any sizes not currently in stock. Left handed holsters are taking about a month. We are working as hard and as fast as we can. Thank you for your patience. ***

How to measure:
This women’s concealment shoulder holster is sized by your bra band size, NOT your cup size. Therefore, customers should measure the distance around the torso, just under the breasts/pecs where the stomach meets the sternum at a constant height with a cloth measuring tape.

Available Colors: Black or White

Right or Left draw – Understanding Cross-Draw

Right handed customers should choose Right Draw since shoulder holsters are designed for ‘cross-draw’. This means that if you are right handed, the holster will be on your left side and vice versa. Due to the inherent design of shoulder holsters, a person would not be able to draw from a holster on his or her right side using their right hand.  The holster is too high.  Thus the need for Cross-Draw!

This holster will generally NOT fit weapons with barrel mount or trigger guard mount accessories (lasers and/or lights etc).

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Black $47.95, White $47.95

Bra Band Size

30"-31", 32"-33", 34"-35", 36"-37", 38"-39", 40"-41", 42"-43", 44"-45"

Holster Pouch Size

Small, Medium

Right or Left Draw

Right, Left