CCW Wallet Holster for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard w/Laser



CCW Concealment Pocket Wallet Holster for the Smith & Wesson .380 BodyGuard.


This top quality leather wallet holster is the best concealed carry holster for the Smith & Wesson .380 BODYGUARD with the attached Insight or Crimson Trace side activated laser. Basically, it’s a top-grain ccw leather wallet holster that fits around the gun and you shoot without removing it from the holster. Its smooth, polished exterior allows for a quick draw. Other knockoff versions of this holster use rivets or screws to hold it together, causing the holster to snag or stop when being drawn.

You can swap mags, cycle the slide, and activate the laser while the gun is in the holster. The only the time you need to remove it from the holster is when you clean it. Soft lining inside the holster protects your gun’s finish and you can use extended mags.

By acting as a large, leather “grip panel,” it allows you to hold the lower front section of the holster with your other hand, helping you shoot with more accuracy and assurance. You will have better control of the weapon than without it. Not only does it hide the gun better, but it helps the shooter become better with the gun!

Note: In the early 90’s, a law was passed prohibiting a gun from being carried in a concealed container. This holster manufacturer contacted the ATF for a ruling on this holster. Because this holster does not place the gun in a container, the ATF ruled it exempt from any ATF law. You do not need any additional registration, tax stamps, etc.

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Watch a short video about this holster on YouTube. Patrick Aldridge is not affiliated with Gunner Security in anyway but was kind enough to share his opinion and see this holster used at a range.

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Fits most pants pockets, front or rear pocket, right or left hand draw.

Black Leather only.


Smith & Wesson BodyGuard with the factory installed Insight or Crimson Trace laser with the activation button on the side.

Dimensions: 5″ Length x 3″ Tall x 5/8″ wide.

Note:  This holster fits ONLY the Smith and Wesson .380 BODYGUARD with the factory installed Insight or Crimson Trace laser that is activated from the side of the laser.

WARNING: Do not confuse this high quality, hand constructed, top grade leather and proudly “Made in the USA” CCW Pocket Wallet Holster with the Chinese, paper thin, low grade, screwed together version from other manufacturers. There is no comparison! I bet you’ll agree your life is worth the small price difference.  This holster has a  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY and the quality surpasses any other holster of this type available anywhere!

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Made in the United States of America and endorsed by Smith & Wesson.

** These holsters cannot be shipped to California **