Women’s Universal Fit Shoulder Holster



A woman’s shoulder holster with detachable and adjustable pockets!



The Universal Fit Women’s Shoulder Holster is designed to be both versatile and comfortable. Women will find this to be the perfect concealed carry system. Unlike other women’s shoulder holsters on the market, this system has detachable holster and mag pockets, making it very flexible! The advantage of the Women’s Universal Fit Shoulder Holster is that all holster pockets are interchangeable. Carry one weapon one day, and a different one the next. Mix and match holster and mag pockets as needed using this Universal Fit Women’s Shoulder Holster.

An under the blouse shoulder holster that keeps your firearm comfortably and completely concealed!

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Shoulder Holster System

The women’s shoulder holster is made up of three main components  1) the Harness made up of the main strap around the torso including places to attach the holster and mag pockets, and the shoulder straps, 2) one Holster Pocket of your choice and 3) one Magazine Pocket of your choice. The unique aspect of this shoulder holster system is that the holster and mag pockets are attached to the harness using military grade hook & loop material that holds the pockets tightly in place. This allows for perfect placement of the firearm for maximum concealment with quick and easy access. And the pockets will not come off unless you take them off!

Shoulder Holster Construction

This women’s shoulder holster’s main band uses a very soft material and can therefore be worn against bare skin. In order to make this shoulder holster lightweight and comfortable, the shoulder straps are 1” in width and have adjustable front slides. Additionally, the back features a 4” wide elastic band creating a comfortable all-day, light weight, and comfortable carry.

The bottom of the holster pocket that is closest to the body has a soft protected lining. Our firearm retention strap is self-releasing. All you have to do is lift your firearm straight up out of the holster pocket and the retention strap releases itself.

The smaller body harness sizes will be able to use both the medium and small holster pockets. However the medium pocket may need to have the “tabs” on the side of the pocket trimmed. You can trim the tabs with scissors but be sure to leave at least 3/8 of an inch of the tabs so that the holster pocket can securely attach to the harness.

These shoulder holsters are currently only available in Black.


You will choose your harness size, right or left-hand draw for the holster pocket, as well as holster pocket size, and mag pocket type.

Harness Size
You can easily determine the size of the harness you need to order by your bra band size or the measurement around the torso just under the breasts/pecs where the stomach meets the sternum using a cloth measuring tape. Customers can order this harness in sizes from 28″ to 45″.

Holster Pocket Size
Customers can choose from 2 different holster pocket sizes –
Small holster is for pistols 3.5″ – 5″ in overall length
Medium holster is for firearms 4″ – 7″ in overall length
Determine the correct holster pocket by measuring your firearm from the tip of the barrel to the hammer. Revolvers .38 and smaller will generally fit in the Small holster pocket. Hammerless is always better for drawing!

This Small holster will generally NOT fit weapons with barrel mount or trigger guard mount accessories (lasers and/or lights etc).

Mag Pocket Size
You can choose from 4 different Mag Pockets –
Open Top Mag Pocket for mags 3” – 4.5” in length
Open Top Mag Pocket for mags 4” – 6.5” in length
Mag pocket with retention flap for mags 3.25” – 4.5” in length
Mag pocket with retention flap for mags 3.75” – 5” in length
** The Open Top Mag Pockets will work best for most situations. They hold mags well and the retention flap is only necessary if someone feels there is the possibility of physical confrontation. Lifting the mag pocket flap and accessing mags while wearing a shirt/blouse may be cumbersome for certain people.

Right or Left draw – Understanding Cross-Draw
For Cross-Draw products such as shoulder holsters, right handed customers should order Right Draw and left handed customers should order Left Draw. The holster on these products will always be on the opposite side of the strong hand. Cross-draw holsters require the wearer to draw the weapon from across their body i.e. Right handed wearers will use their right hand to draw the weapon from the left side of their body. Due to the inherent design of shoulder holsters, a person would not be able to draw from a holster on his or her right side using their right hand. The holster sits too high. Thus the need for Cross-Draw!

Individual Components for Women’s Universal Fit Shoulder Holster

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Additional information

Harness Size

28"-29", 30"-31", 32"-33", 34"-35", 36"-37", 38"-39", 40"-41", 42"-43", 44"-45"

Holster Pocket Size

Small, Medium

Right or Left Draw

Right, Left

Mag Pocket Size

Open Top Pouch for Mag Length 3" – 4.5", Open Top Pouch for Mag Length 4" – 6.5", Pouch w/retention flap for mag length 3" – 4.5", Pouch w/retention flap for mag length 3.75" – 5"