CCW Concealment Belly Band



This inside-the-pants, CCW belly band concealment holster allows you to carry your gun without the need to wear a shirt or a jacket. You can wear it under shorts or even swimming trunks!



It is completely concealed so nothing shows on the outside. There is no “give-away” clip to reveal you are carrying a concealed weapon and there is no limit on how low on the waistline should be or what position you can place your handgun.

The CCW belly band concealment holster design holds the gun very close to your body for maximum concealment. Our concealment belly band holster is a quality holster designed for no-nonsense, practical, everyday use.  This holster includes a retention strap,  a single magazine pouch, and a second pouch for your cell phone, wallet, etc.

Women find this is an excellent way to carry a concealed pistol as it allows them freedom from always having to carry a purse. In fact, this is one of our top selling holsters for women at the local gun shows!


CCW Belly Band Features:

  • Wear it with any type of clothing
  • 4″ wide flexible and stretchable Nylon
  • Allows immediate access to your gun
  • Gun can be positioned anywhere around waist
  • Totally concealed–no exposed clips or loops
  • Allows for a smooth, fast draw
  • Save money on extra holsters–this belly band fits thousands of hand guns
  • Hand washable


  • Retention strap
  • Spare magazine holster
  • Extra storage pouch


BB2– Unique holster design allows for right and left hand draw.

All J-frame revolvers, medium semi automatic handguns (3-4 barrel”) such as:  Beretta Model 84’s, Browning Model BDA, Colt Officers ACP Model, Glock 19, 26, 27, H&K P7,  Kahr, S&W 3900 series, 4000 series, 4516, 6900 Series, Sig Sauer P228, P230, P239, Ruger Lc9, Springfield Armory compact XD & XDM, Taurus PT-58, PT-908 series, Walther PPK/S, etc.  Also fits the small .380 pistols such as the Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Kel-Tec or Sig Sauer with the Crimson Trace or Insight LaserGuard trigger guard lasers.

BB1 –Unique holster design allows for right and left hand draw.

Small semi automatic handguns such as:  .22, .25, .380 caliber such as: Kel-Tec .32 & .380, Ruger LCP, SAT, Kahr P380, Taurus PT 738 TCP, Rohrbaugh R9 & R9S, North American Arms Guardian .25, .32, & .380, Seecamp LWS 32 & 380 semi-automatics and many others.

If your pistol has a Crimson Trace or Insight Laser Guard, for the Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard or Sig Sauer, etc., please order the BB2.


SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON EXCHANGES. If you wear a large or extra large pants, it does NOT mean you will wear  the same size belly band. PLEASE measure yourself by clicking the link and following the simple instructions.

Click here to read how to measure yourself correctly

Waist Sizes:

  • Small – 28 to 33 inch waist
  • Medium – 33 to 38 inch waist
  • Large – 39 to 44 inch waist
  • XLarge – 45 to 51 inch waist