Sun Visor Concealment Holster


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The Sun Visor Concealment Holster system wraps around your car or truck sun visor allowing you to secure and carry a small firearm while traveling in your automobile. This easy to install, two piece holster system allows you to move it easily between vehicles or you can install the visor wrap in each vehicle and easily move your holster between them.

When the visor is closed, the firearm is hidden from view. When you pull down on the visor, you are provided with quick access to your firearm.  Your firearm is held securely in place using a retention strap until you are ready to pull your weapon.

When using this auto visor holster, you may want to consider  placing it on the passenger side visor. This allows you full access to driver side visor while keeping your firearm concealed.

This is a two piece system – the visor wrap that goes around the visor and the holster.  The holster is attached to the wrap using hook & loop. The visor wrap can be used with any of the three holsters listed below.

Sizing Info:

Sun Visor Holster Wrap: One size fits all.

Gun Holsters:
These holsters only work with the sun visor holster wrap by attaching the hook and loop material between the visor wrap and the holster. Right or left hand draw.

‘Derringer’ Holster: Fits Derringer sized weapons and small semi-automatics –  2.75″ to 5.5″ in overall length.

Small Holster: Fits firearms 3.5″ to 5.5″ in overall length.

Medium Holster: Fits firearms 4″ to 7″ in overall length.