Rail Mount Adapter for Beretta-92/96 FS and Taurus PT92AF


Beretta-92/96 FS and Taurus PT92AF Rail Mount Adapter



Check out this TRG EZ-Rail Beretta-92/96 FS and Taurus PT92AF rail mount adapter. It’s extremely tough, durable, easy to attach or remove from your weapon and has seen action all over the world.

This Beretta-92/96 FS and Taurus PT92AF rail mount is deceptively simple. The mount itself is made of a black Delrin plastic and is formed with extremely clean lines and sharp corners. It is designed to snap around the front dustcover portion of the pistol’s receiver. All that’s required to install this accessory rail is to remove the standard slide stop, snap the rail in place, and install the matching slide stop.

The TRG EZ-Rail mount adapter allows you to attach one of our rail mount Red or Greed dot lasers, 150 Lumen flashlights or other rail mount accessories. They all fit this rail mount perfectly!

It’s so tough, this Beretta and Taurus rail adapter has been tested and approved by:

  • M1911.org
  • Navy Seals
  • US Special Forces
  • Military Police

Colt tested the 1911 version of this adapter with 27 certified shooters. They sent thousands of rounds down range. Their only comments were: “after 565 rounds, you may need to tighten the little teflon screw a half turn.”

  • Will stay solidly attached to your weapon
  • Maintains bore-sight
  • Slips onto your weapon
  • It will NOT mark or scratch your guns finish because it’s constructed from Delrin plastic. Delrin offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics.

Low moisture absorption – Delrin can operate in wet environments with little effect on performance or dimensions due to:

  • High fatigue endurance
  • High strength and stiffness properties
  • Superior impact and creep resistance
  • Good wear and abrasion properties

Manufactures warranty: One year against manufacture defects.

Click here to watch a one minute video on how easy this adapter is to install

Click here to view the installation instructions

This rail mount adapter is designed for the Beretta-92/96 FS and Taurus PT92AF models and made in the United States of America.