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Pocket Holsters

Pocket Holsters are an outstanding method for carrying a concealed weapon. Successfully carrying a concealed weapon is made easier if your holster is small, hidden, and accessible. Additionally, being able to have your hand discretely on the weapon can save you precious time in a bad situation. The pocket holster is and has been for a very long time the quickest and easiest method for carrying concealed.



Leather Pocket Holster

There are many advantages to using a pocket holster. The first and most obvious is accessibility. It’s tough to find a faster draw than pulling a weapon from a pocket, front or rear. A good pocket holster should also help to conceal the shape of the weapon in the pocket. The design and shape of the holster will either not print at all or at most print the shape of a square or rectangle. As far as anyone knows it’s a wallet or cell phone etc. A good pocket holster will also help to keep your weapon in a certain position. Therefore when it’s time to draw, you know where the weapon is. Without a pocket holster your weapon may ‘float’ around in your pocket, landing in any number of positions.

And a couple other advantages to a pocket holster are that it helps keep the weapon clean, specifically keeping stuff out of the barrel AND away from the trigger. It will also keep parts like the sights from unnecessarily wearing the cloth in the pocket.

Pocket Holster Styles


Cargo Pocket Holster

Pocket holsters are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be made from leather or man made materials. They can be designed for front pockets or rear pockets. There are even cargo pocket holsters. One of the requirements of a pocket holster is that it stays in your pocket when you draw your weapon. To accomplish this, the outside of the holster is generally made of a material that will cling to the pocket material as the weapon is drawn. This can be suede, rubber, or man made suede-like materials.

Wallet Holsters


Wallet Holster

A pocket holster that works a little differently is the wallet holster. This is a holster that stays on the weapon all of the time. It is only removed in order to clean the weapon. Therefore you can fire the weapon, drop the mag, work the action etc all while the weapon is in the holster. The wallet holster is designed to keep the weapon from printing in your pocket and simply give the shape of a wallet. One of the most popular styles is the Ruger LCP Pocket Holster. But all styles of this holster are in high demand.

Consequently, Pocket Holsters are a great way to carry concealed. They are available in a range of styles and can be found to suit many different circumstances. Try a pocket holster!

**With all pocket holsters, we recommend that you don’t put ANYTHING else in the pocket with your holster and weapon. Don’t take a chance on anything interfering with drawing and using your weapon.

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