CCW Ankle Double Magazine Holster

$24.99 — $46.98


This product allows you to carry two backup magazines, a knife, small flashlight, pepper/mace spray, etc.  This ambidextrous ankle magazine holster is four inches tall and fits comfortably around your ankle for fast access.

Made from durable nylon, it’s lightweight, padded, breathes, and can be washed. The large calf opening allows for any size ankles and can be worn all day and night.

The ankle magazine holster is a nice complement when worn with the ankle holster. If you carry a semi-automatic, you can carry up to three magazines between both holsters.

The CCW Double Magazine Holsters Features:

  • Magazine pouches that accommodate different sized magazines
  • The ability to carry pocket knives, flashlights, small tools, and pepper spray
  • Made of high quality, medical grade, stretch and breathable material with adjustable Velcro magazine retention straps for excellent concealment and comfort
  • Ambidextrous so it fits the right or left ankle
  • Padded on the inside for an extra comfortable carry

Small:  Holds two single stack magazines up to 3.5 inches tall (about a 6-7 round single stack mag for the .22, .32 & .380)

Large:  Holds two single or double stack magazines up to 4 inches tall (about a 12 round double stack mag for 9mm, .40 & .45)

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