Why I like selling at Gun Shows

December 11th, 2013 by

Gun shows are a unique selling and buying experience.    You get to meet many different types of individuals, where some have been involved with firearms for most of their life, folks who are purchasing their first firearm or just they started looking.   Gunner Security, LLC. has been attending the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado for almost 10 years and it’s still great to see old friends, make new ones and learn what they have been up to.

I enjoy talking to everyone and love seeing their firearms.  It amazing how many different types, sizes, calibers and configurations there are.  Many times folks stop by and we discuss what laser or flashlight will fit their pistol or rifle, or they try on different types on concealment holsters to determine which one they like best.  I enjoy helping others find just the right product, even if I don’t offer it.

Gunner-Security-Tanner-Gun-ShowAt times, I end up installing the item they purchased on their pistol.  This keeps me up to date on many different types of installations and allows me to show them how easy it is to install it, how to use it, how to sight it in, change batteries, etc.  I hear great stories about how well my products work and interesting modifications they made to some of them.

Attending gun shows is an excellent way to see many of the new firearms, accessories, holsters, flashlights, optics, lasers, knives plus other products not related to firearms.  I have picked up some cool pictures of John Wayne, blow dart guns and had items custom embroidered.  I also have received a few good tips on new products that I have added to my product line.

It’s also one big family between the dealers.  Most of us have been in the same location at the show for years and have built up lasting friendships.  We watch out for each other and are always there to lend a hand.  At times, it can be tough with all of the booth setting up and then breaking down a few days later but it’s still fun and I recommend if you have never been to a gun show or haven’t gone to one in a while, it’s worth a visit.  Admission to most gun shows is usually around $7 to $8, free parking and its well worth the price.  If you are attending the Tanner Gun show, here is the Gunner Security Gun Show Schedule.

Don’t wait for a zombie apocalypse to get a zombie gun case or laser

November 24th, 2013 by

These are very unique rifle and pistol coffin shaped gun cases. The jet black and bright zombie green color really set these cases apart from all other “zombie” cases. The interior of the rifle case is lined with a red, “coffin like” material to protect and pamper your rifle. The inside of the pistol case has the same red material on one side and protective egg crate foam on the other. After all, most of us keep our beloved firearms for an eternity so why not take care of them like a loved one (mother in-laws not included).Zombie Rifle Pistol Cases

The cases are built from water resistant nylon, use heavy duty zippers and the seams are double stitched. The rifle case is available in 38 or 43 inch lengths, has 2 external 30 round magazine pouches and a shoulder strap. The coffin shape allows you to store a bunch more magazines inside the case if needed. After all, if you are like Rick and the others in AMC’s Walking Dead, you can never have enough ammo.

The zombie pistol case is available in black with green trim or green and black trim. Its 14 x 9 inches in size and includes a zombie logo on the exterior. The pistol case can be used to store many things, such as jewelry, knives, documents or anything else that needs protection. They are a great conversation starter and will be a real hit at range.

To go with the zombie gun cases, why not trick out your Ruger LC9, Kel-Tec PF9, Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec .380 or Kel-Tec .32 with a laser sporting a zombie green exterior. My LCP looks really great with the zombie laser in the zombie pistol case. LCP Zombie laser

The laser installs in minutes, has a 10 hour run time, 3 year warranty and even includes a free second set of batteries. The red laser can easily be switched between a solid or pulse beam in 5 seconds.

Don’t wake up and discover your spouse has turned into a mindless, reanimated corpse, is trying to eat your brains and you can’t find your pistol for that all important head shot. If you had one of our zombie edition cases or your pistol with a laser, you could find your firearm fast and take care of business!

It’s better to be safe than sorry. The Internet is full of warnings about zombies, how to prepare for and survive an attack. If it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right?

Why a woman should get a CCW

November 12th, 2013 by

A Gallup poll from October, 2013 asked what the main reason for owning a firearm was. Sixty percent mentioned personal safety/protection. Another poll conducted by the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) discovered women owing guns has increased from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2011. The NSSF also asked gun store retailers if there had been an increase in women customers. Over 78 percent said yes and in addition, gun ranges report a large increase in female shooters, some say it’s now 50/50. CCW_blog

So what does this mean and should a woman get her CCW? Many polls have been conducted but the main reason is still self-defense. Women are taking the responsibility for their own safety and protection by purchasing a gun. It should come as no surprise that every year; more women are obtaining a Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit and carrying a firearm on their person.

Many of the high profile shooting incidents through the country has also prompted women to arm themselves. It’s unknown if any of these incidents could have been stopped quickly but it comes back to protecting loved ones and yourself.

Newer, smaller and highly effective firearms aimed at the female market have prompted women to get their CCW. The days of a woman having to adjust to a large sized handgun are gone. If you like revolvers, the J-frame sized .38 calibers are worth taking a look at. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and Taurus Ultra light are great examples of good stopping power in a light weight model. If you prefer a .380 or 9mm caliber semi-automatic, the market if full of them. The Beretta Nano, Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Ruger LC9 and Springfield XDS pistols are very popular models.

Violence. Almost weekly we see an innocent person getting attacked by a family member or at a bus stop. Sure you can call 911 after they are finished with you, but using a weapon to defend yourself against rape and other acts of violence can save your life of the life of a loved one. These acts of violence against women are another reason women own a CCW.

Shooting groups. For those of us who have guns, we know shooting is fun. Thousands of women shooting groups have sprung up across the United States. It’s great there are so many women training other women on firearm usage, safety, how to shoot, how to carry concealed, which guns work great, etc.

So there you have it. These are my easons why women should get their CCW and stay safe.

Holiday CCW Gift Ideas

November 6th, 2013 by

Stuck on a gift for that someone special? Why not give the gift of concealed carry or a great accessory? Here are the top selling items at Gunner Security, LLC.

Women’s Shoulder Holsters – We offer a concealed carry shoulder holster and bra holster created by women to be worn by women. The shoulder holster is very light weight, comfortable and does not hinder movement. It’s designed with soft nylon straps and a velvet like center section allowing this women’s concealment shoulder holster to be worn against bare skin. The shoulder holster is designed for a cross draw and includes a spare magazine pouch on the opposite side of the shoulder holster. Available in black or white, left or right hand draw and two holster sizes. When ordering this woman’s shoulder holster, use your bra strap size.

womens concealment holsters
Woman’s Bra Holster – The bra holster is a great inexpensive way to carry a firearm horizontally using your existing bra. Constructed from a soft fabric, the holster can be worn against bare skin. To draw the holster, lift your blouse with your non shooting hand and access your firearm with the other. Available in black or white, the universal holster fits pistols in overall length of 4” to 5.75”.

Both of these woman’s concealment holsters were created for women by women.


Shoot Through Wallet Holster – Our leather shoot through wallet holster has been imitated by many but none of them match the quality and durability of ours. shoot through wallet billfold holster

Our wallet “bill fold” holsters allow you to fire your weapon, pull back the slide and exchange magazines while the pistol remains in the holster. Recoil is reduced by 25% and the wallet holster provides you with an extra grip area for your free hand. I increased my effective range from 10 feet to 30 feet and I bet you can too. The CCW shoot through wallet/pocket holsters are made from high quality Argentine leather, glued and sewn together using the heavy duty thread. They are built so well, we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Watch the short You Tube video on how great this holster is.


Horizontal and Vertical Concealment Shoulder Holster – This popular shoulder holsters allows you to carry your firearm and magazine horizontally or vertically.

Horz vert shoulder holster rigYou can change positions in under one minute and the design allows you to purchase additional holsters and magazine carries and still use the existing straps. The shoulder straps use a padded, non skid material plus a rear strap stops the holster from swinging out front when you bend over.  This Concealment Shoulder Holster has multiple adjustment points allow you to configure the fit of the holster exactly the way you want. Fits many of the popular pistols and includes belt tie downs just in case you need them.


Ambidextrous Ankle Holsters – Need to pack a backup weapon? Our padded CCW ankle holster allows you to carry many different types of firearms. ccw ankle_holster

Our 3 sizes fit firearms ranging from the ultra small NAA Guardian revolvers,  J-Frame revolvers, 3” semi automatics, and the popular .380 caliber semi-autos. The ambidextrous feature allows for right or left hand draw. This ankle holster  is made from strong, breathable nylon and the small and large ankle holsters feature 1/4″ closed cell foam padding for extra comfort keep this padded ankle holster light but fully adjustable. Includes an adjustable calf strap and a quick release retention strap. This makes a great companion to the CCW ankle double magazine carry holster. Like our other holsters, it’s made in the USA.


Ambidextrous Belly Band Holsters – How often have you wanted to carry your firearm when wearing shorts, loose fitting jeans or other styles of pants? Our uni-sex belly band fills the bill. ccw concealment belly band holster

These ambidextrous bellyband holsters allow for right hand, left hand and cross draw and include a spare magazine carry and an accessory pouch to carry extra items if needed. Made from durable, lightweight nylon, this holster is washable and molds to your body’s contour after a few months. Available in 4 waist sizes and 2 pistol holster sizes. Includes a retention strap and is made in the USA.  We also offer rear of the back, horizontal belly bands.


Driving Holster – How often have you wanted to carry your firearm when driving and not have to change holsters when getting out of your car? We offer a leather driving holster that doubles as a cross draw holster. holster-driving-cross-draw

Constructed from high end leather, this driving/crossdraw holster allows fast access to your firearm when seated or standing. The holster is molded to fit 50 of today’s popular handguns from compact to full size and can be attached to your belt using snaps or sliding your belt through them.

The holster features a molded front barrel sight channel to protect the sight and allows for a fast draw. Heavy duty stitching and snaps make this a durable and well built holster at a great price.


Viridian Red Lasers – Viridian, king of the green lasers, introduced red dot versions of the extremely popular green laser C5L and X5L lasers. The C5L and X5L-R red lasers include the same solid and strobe options for the laser and flashlight.Laser-Viridian-c5l-r-gun

The Viridian C5L-R laser has a new 140 lumen strobe flashlight that is designed with a wide angle beam to increase lighting up areas in your peripheral vision. The battery life has been increased to a whopping 35+ hours when using only the laser in pulse mode. The red beam on both lasers is visible for 2 miles at night and 75 feet during the day. These lasers also work with the Viridian Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR-  TackLoc holsters that securely hold your gun in the holster and automatically turn the laser on/off as needed.

Watch the short You Tube video on this laser.


Viridian Reactor 5 Green Lasers – Viridian has done it again and created green lasers that can be set to solid or pulse modes with the push of a simple button. Designed to follow the contour of the Ruger LCP or LC9, it mounts under the barrel and complements the overall appearance of your Ruger. Viridian-Ruger-R5-Green-Laser

A small LED light above the on/off button displays green or amber for 2 seconds, informing you about the battery remaining power. To complement this Reactor 5 laser, Viridian includes an Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR – pocket holster.  This unique holster remembers what the laser is in when holstered.  This means you can holster the Ruger LCP or LC9 with the laser turned on and it automatically turns off the laser.  When you remove the Ruger from the holster, the laser is automatically turned on. Includes a second set of batteries.

Watch the short You Tube video on the Reactor 5 green laser.


Crimson Trace Defender Red Laser – Ever want a Crimson Trace laser but couldn’t afford it? Crimson Trace introduced their Defender Series lasers  at a very affordable price. Crimson_Trace_laser[1]


The bright red activation switch makes it easy to turn on/off this pre-sighted laser that has a battery run time of 2 hours. Attaches in minutes to the rail of Glocks and Springfields, the trigger guard of the LCP or replaces the grip on the revolvers.  The Crimson Trace Defender lasers include free batteries for life from Crimson Trace. The Crimson Trace Defender lasers fit most Glock 3rd and 4th generation, Ruger LCP, Springfield XD, XDM and S&W J-Frame and Taurus small frame revolvers.


Accessory Rail Adapters – Do you own a 1911, Beretta or Taurus? Want to attach a laser or flashlight to your pistol but it doesn’t have an accessory rail? Look no further. We offer the best accessory rails that fix this problem.1911 Rail Mount Adaptrer Colt

Constructed from a high grade medical plastic Delrin compound, this material is incredibly durable. It’s easy to attach and will not scratch or mar your pistol. These accessory rail adapters feature 3 slots which allow you to mount many types of accessories.

I still remember the individual who showed me the damage done to his $1,200 Kimber 1911 because he purchased an inexpensive aluminum rail adapter. Fortunately our adapter was just long enough to hide the damage and kept the accessory securely attached to his firearm. These accessory rail adapters have been tested and approved by many firearm manufacturers, police and Special Forces around the world.

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Women’s CCW Concealment Holsters

October 2nd, 2013 by

Two Great and Inexpensive CCW Concealment Holsters for Women

From my conversations with women, it can be difficult  to conceal a weapon due to clothing manufacturers making women’s apparel small, tight and pants with tiny pockets.  To get around this, we offer different CCW products for women: both a concealment shoulder holster and bra holsters designed for women by women.

Womans CCW Shoulder HolsterThis shoulder holster for the ladies is soft and can be worn against your skin or over a top.  The holster features 4 strap adjustments, allowing for a comfortable all day and night carry while allowing quick access to your firearm.  The 1” wide shoulder straps are designed in a Y fashion to reduce the chance of imprinting while the front center strap is below the bust line and attaches to the 4” wide rear of the holster.  Constructed from nylon and a moisture wicking material to stop perspiration issues.

The woman’s shoulder holster weighs under 4 ounces, is available in black or white, right or left hand draw.  It has holsters sizes that fit a pistols over all lengths of  3.5” to 5.5” or 4.0” to 7.0” and includes a single magazine carry on the opposite side. Sizes range from 30” to 46” and are based on your bra band size, not cup size.

CCW Bra HolsterThe bra concealment holster is a very affordable option to other bra holsters costing $50 or more.   You semi automatic or revolver are attached to the center of the bra using an adjustable strap.  To access your firearm, lift your top with your free hand and remove it in a sideways motion with your other hand.  It’s easy, fast, affordable and works very well.

Available in black or white, right or left hand draw and fits pistols with an overall length of 4” to 5.75”.

Looking for further info on women’s products? Here’s some additional posts on CCW for Women


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