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Why A Weapon Mounted Laser Sight?

Whether you’re dry fire practicing or drawing your concealed weapon in a self defense situation, having a Laser Sight mounted on your weapon can be a great advantage in shot accuracy. The objective of a laser is simply to improve shot placement. There are a variety of ways in which a pistol laser sight can improve your accuracy.


Revolver Laser Sight

Regular practice is essential if you own a firearm. Dry firing provides an opportunity to practice all aspects of firearm usage in the safest possible setting. Except that you really can’t tell how accurate your shot placement would be. The answer to that is a weapon mounted laser. With the laser activated you’ll be able to see exactly where the muzzle of your weapon is pointed at all times.  From the draw through firing and re-holstering, the laser dot will provide a great deal of information. Watching the movement of the laser dot during this whole process will help you see and diagnose any errors. You’ll see unnecessary movement, shot anticipation, trigger pull problems etc. The laser can be a great tool to help see problems you weren’t aware of. It will build consistency and confidence in the use of your weapon.

The real question everyone wants to know is how a laser can help when actually firing a weapon. There are a variety ways a mounted laser can help improve accuracy. The laser sight is useful because it takes the place of using the iron sites by making aiming simpler and faster. From the second the weapon is drawn the position of the laser dot will tell you where that shot is going whether you’re shooting from the hip or taking a standard aiming position. Knowing your shot will go where the laser dot is helps to reduce the number of variables you need to contend with in a stressful situation. No thinking about rear site, front sight, target. Just put the dot on the target and go.


Pistol Laser Sight

The pistol laser sight also allows you to focus on the threat rather than just your iron sights. You can also see more of what’s going on around you. The process of aiming using iron sites forces you to focus on two parts of your weapon and the target. This can make it difficult to see anything else including anything on the target lower than where your weapon is aimed. When all you have to do is keep the laser dot on the threat it makes it easier to use your peripheral vision and also see more of the threat.

All of this makes it easier and more accurate to shoot from something other the standard aiming position. Can you shoot from the hip without a laser? Of course. But is your accuracy improved from the hip when you see that laser dot and you can quickly adjust your weapon to put that dot right where you need it? Of course. What if you’re on the floor or in some awkward position where you just can’t take a standard aiming position? What if you’re forced to run while firing? Without a laser in these situations aiming is much more of a guess. The pistol laser sight imply allows for faster, more accurate shots.

And Finally…

Remember, you will always have your iron sights if you need them. Putting a laser on your weapon generally does not disable your iron sights. With a laser you simply now have two different ways to aim. Practice regularly with both!

And lastly, seeing a red dot on his chest will cause the average bad guy to seriously re-think his chosen line of work!


Laser Light Combo

So in the end, why a laser? The real question is why not?!

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The Best Concealed Carry Holster

An often overlooked part of handgun selection is the holster. When openly carrying a handgun, fewer issues need to be considered during selection because you do not have to worry about concealing your weapon and a bulky generic holster can often suffice. However, when selecting a handgun for concealed carry, discussing the holster at the same time can be very helpful. Issues such as method of carry, weapon type, body type, and activities performed while carrying need to be considered to make sure the desired weapon can be carried as expected. This will allow one to get the ‘best’ concealed carry holster.

The most important issue regarding a concealed carry holster is method of carry. Some of the most popular ways of carrying include: Inside the Pant (ITP) or Inside the Waistband (IWB), Belt Holsters or Outside the Waistband (OWB), ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and shoulder holsters. Other carry methods such as belly bands, jogging holsters, concealed carry purses, and other alternative methods will be discussed in future articles.


Waistband HolstersInside or ITP and Outside or Belt Holsters, are very common for concealed carry. They are worn on the waistband and usually clipped to the pants and belt. Holster styles are available that allow a person to place the holster anywhere on the waistband (360 degrees around) depending on a number of factors. IWB holsters include a variety of options and styles. Some allow you to tuck your shirt in while still concealing the weapon. These holsters can have different clip styles including J-Hook, metal clips, snaps etc. Some of these holsters can be ambidextrous. These variations make these holsters very versatile for many clothing styles. IWB holsters, and to a lesser degree OWB holsters, may be uncomfortable depending on body type and the level of activity (bending, sitting etc). So choosing the right holster for you is important. IWB holsters generally use the belt and pant tightness to retain the weapon in the holster although some styles do have retention straps.

ankle holsters

Ankle Holsters are usually found to be comfortable and aren’t as susceptible to ‘printing’ (showing the outline of the gun through clothing). This holster is best limited to smaller handguns. The main requirement is that you need to be able to quickly reach your ankle. An ankle holster can also be a great spot for a back up weapon. In situations where other types of carry simply won’t work (weapon printing etc), the ankle holster can be a good option.

Pocket Holsters
are easy to use and are fairly comfortable. They can be susceptible to printing depending on the style but a good pocket holster should provide great concealment. Nothing else should be carried in that pocket. The exterior of the pocket holster is usually textured to prevent it from coming out of the pocket while drawing the handgun. Pocket holsters usually have lower retention than waistband or ankle holsters.

shoot through wallet holster

However a Wallet Holster can be an option. It prevents printing, protects the weapon, and adds a little ‘meat’ to hold on to those too small 380s since the weapon stays in the holster during firing.

Shoulder Holsters are carried with a harness system around the shoulders and require a cross draw – weapon carried on the left side if you are right handed and vice versa. The weapon will sit butt forward, between the bicep and the rib cage. These holsters can usually conceal a large frame handgun depending on the size of the wearer and clothing chosen. This carry method will generally require an over shirt or jacket to conceal the holster and harness. Some shoulder holsters are designed specifically for women For many it is the most accessible system to carry and can provide a very fast draw depending on your clothing.

shoulder holster

women's shoulder holster

Handgun size is another factor in holster selection. The larger the handgun, the harder it will be to conceal and probably the less comfortable it will be. However, a weapon that is too small may not provide sufficient stopping power in an altercation. Minimum requirements of a conceal handgun are outside the scope of this article but caliber, number of rounds, etc. will affect handgun size. The larger calibers will generally be larger in size but not always. Revolvers are generally larger (at least wider) than semi-automatic handguns. Larger weapons will generally be carried in a shoulder holster, OWB, and maybe some IWB. Smaller weapons usually allow for a wider variety of carry styles.

Body type and activities to be performed while carrying need to be considered when choosing a holster. Highly active people will need to make sure the holster provides the required retention and is not in a location that will get in the way or print or be exposed – reaching up, bending over etc. A large framed person will be more likely to conceal a large framed handgun without the weight/size bothering them. A small framed person may be more flexible and able to carry in a larger number of positions.

Method of carry, weapon type, body type and activities to be performed all need to be considered when deciding on a handgun and a conceal carry holster. There is no one holster that is the best concealed handgun holster. There is only the ‘best’ for each individual.

shoot through wallet holster

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Pocket Holsters – New take on an old standby

There are many ways to carry a weapon concealed. One of the simplest is the tried and true pocket carry. There have probably been guns in pockets as long as pocket sized guns have existed. But gone are the days of just dropping your revolver into the pocket of your britches! Today there are a variety of types of Pocket Holsters to fill a variety of needs and made from an assortment of materials.

pocket holster

The main reason pocket carry has been used for so long is that it is the simplest way to carry a weapon. When done properly, pocket carry allows the weapon to be completely concealed and yet quickly accessible. Nearly every pocket is a potential place for a weapon – front, back, cargo, jacket, vest and on and on. The keys to making this work are that the weapon needs to be concealed (also avoid ‘printing’), secure, quickly accessible, and safely carried. All objectives easily attainable with the right pocket holster setup.

Pocket holsters are available for both revolvers and semi-autos. Many are generic in design to accommodate a variety or weapons. A pocket holster exists for most hand guns out there (be realistic of course, Desert Eagle??). There are also holsters that can carry a weapon and an extra mag or a mag on it’s own. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find a holster to accommodate your weapon.

An example of a specialized form of pocket holster is the Wallet Holster. This unique carry option is for smaller caliber weapons up to .380 (occasionally 9MM). The holster is designed in a generally rectangular shape so the outline of the firearm or ‘print’ can’t be seen through the pants, front pocket or rear. The wallet holster will come out of the pocket with the weapon and is designed so the weapon can be fired while in the holster. The holster is designed to hold the firearm all of the time – fire, operate the slide, drop the mag etc. Some wallet holsters are even designed to accommodate a mounted laser. But wallet holsters are very weapon (and laser) specific so know what you’re buying!

Pocket holster materials range from molded leather to simple cloth. The material on most pocket holsters is designed to keep the holster in the pocket when the weapon is drawn. This can be accomplished with suede, rubber, and a variety of man made materials that help the holster ‘stick’ to the inside of the pocket.

pocket holster

As with all types of concealed carry, pocket carry deserves it’s own set of cautions and here are a few. One of the best ways to improve safety is to make sure that the trigger is completely covered by the holster. For holsters such as wallet holsters where the trigger is exposed be sure there is nothing else in that pocket – no keys, coins etc. In fact you should never have anything else in that pocket no matter what type of pocket holster you use. It’s too easy for other items to interfere with the proper draw and firing of your weapon. A closed end holster will help prevent things from getting into the barrel. A weapon with a long trigger pull also improves safety. A good holster will keep the weapon in position in your pocket and reduce the chance that the weapon simply falls out of the pocket. And lastly, be sure the weapon doesn’t ‘print’ through your pants and can’t be seen through the pocket opening. Concealed means CONCEALED.

pocket holster

Although we are only able to hit the highlights of pocket carry in a discussion this brief, hopefully we have given you some things to consider when deciding on a pocket holster.

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Why I like selling at Gun Shows

Gun shows are a unique selling and buying experience. You get to meet many different types of individuals, where some have been involved with firearms for most of their life, folks who are purchasing their first firearm or just they started looking. Gunner Security has been attending the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado for almost 10 years and it’s still great to see old friends, make new ones and learn what they have been up to.

I enjoy talking to everyone and love seeing their firearms.  It amazing how many different types, sizes, calibers and configurations there are.  Many times folks stop by and we discuss what laser or flashlight will fit their pistol or rifle, or they try on different types on concealment holsters to determine which one they like best.  I enjoy helping others find just the right product, even if I don’t offer it.

Gunner Security Booth at the Tanner Gun Show in DenverAt times, I end up installing the item they purchased on their pistol. This keeps me up to date on many different types of installations and allows me to show them how easy it is to install it, how to use it, how to sight it in, change batteries, etc. I hear great stories about how well my products work and interesting modifications they made to some of them.

Attending gun shows is an excellent way to see many of the new firearms, accessories, holsters, flashlights, optics, lasers, knives plus other products not related to firearms.  I have picked up some cool pictures of John Wayne, blow dart guns and had items custom embroidered. I also have received a few good tips on new products that I have added to my product line.

It’s also one big family between the dealers.  Most of us have been in the same location at the show for years and have built up lasting friendships.  We watch out for each other and are always there to lend a hand.  At times, it can be tough with all of the booth setting up and then breaking down a few days later but it’s still fun and I recommend if you have never been to a gun show or haven’t gone to one in a while, it’s worth a visit.  Admission to most gun shows is usually around $7 to $8, free parking and its well worth the price.


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Why a woman should get a CCW

A Gallup poll from October, 2013 asked what the main reason for owning a firearm was. Sixty percent mentioned personal safety/protection. Another poll conducted by the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) discovered women owing guns has increased from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2011. The NSSF also asked gun store retailers if there had been an increase in women customers. Over 78 percent said yes and in addition, gun ranges report a large increase in female shooters, some say it’s now 50/50. Why Women Should Get a CCW

So what does this mean and should a woman get her CCW? Many polls have been conducted but the main reason is still self-defense. Women are taking the responsibility for their own safety and protection by purchasing a gun. It should come as no surprise that every year; more women are obtaining a Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit and carrying a firearm on their person.

Many of the high profile shooting incidents through the country has also prompted women to arm themselves. It’s unknown if any of these incidents could have been stopped quickly but it comes back to protecting loved ones and yourself.

Newer, smaller and highly effective firearms aimed at the female market have prompted women to get their CCW. The days of a woman having to adjust to a large sized handgun are gone. If you like revolvers, the J-frame sized .38 calibers are worth taking a look at. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and Taurus Ultra light are great examples of good stopping power in a light weight model. If you prefer a .380 or 9mm caliber semi-automatic, the market is full of them. The Beretta Nano, Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Ruger LC9 and Springfield XDS pistols are very popular models.


Almost weekly we see an innocent person getting attacked by a family member or at a bus stop. Sure you can call 911 after they are finished with you, but using a weapon to defend yourself against rape and other acts of violence can save your life of the life of a loved one. These acts of violence against women are another reason women own a CCW.

Shooting groups. For those of us who have guns, we know shooting is fun. Thousands of women’s shooting groups have sprung up across the United States. It’s great there are so many women training other women on firearm usage, safety, how to shoot, how to carry concealed, which guns work great, etc.

So there you have it. These are my reasons why women should get their CCW and stay safe.

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Holiday CCW Gift Ideas

Stuck on a gift for that someone special? Why not give the gift of concealed carry or a great accessory? Here are the top selling items at Gunner Security

Women’s Shoulder Holsters – We offer a concealed carry shoulder holster and bra holster created by women to be worn by women. The shoulder holster is very light weight, comfortable and does not hinder movement. It’s designed with soft nylon straps and a velvet like center section allowing this women’s concealment shoulder holster to be worn against bare skin. The shoulder holster is designed for a cross draw and includes a spare magazine pouch on the opposite side of the shoulder holster. Available in black or white, left or right hand draw and two holster sizes. When ordering this woman’s shoulder holster, use your bra strap size.

women's concealment holsters
Woman’s Bra Holster – The bra holster is a great inexpensive way to carry a firearm horizontally using your existing bra. Constructed from a soft fabric, the holster can be worn against bare skin. To draw the holster, lift your blouse with your non shooting hand and access your firearm with the other. Available in black or white, the universal holster fits pistols in overall length of 4” to 5.75”.

Both of these women’s concealment holsters were created for women by women.


Shoot Through Wallet Holster – Our leather shoot through wallet holster has been imitated by many but none of them match the quality and durability of ours. shoot through wallet billfold holster

Our wallet holsters allow you to fire your weapon, pull back the slide and exchange magazines while the pistol remains in the holster. Recoil is reduced by 25% and the wallet holster provides you with an extra grip area for your free hand. I increased my effective range from 10 feet to 30 feet and I bet you can too. The CCW shoot through wallet/pocket holsters are made from high quality Argentine leather, glued and sewn together using the heavy duty thread. They are built so well, we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Watch the short You Tube video on how great this holster is.


Horizontal and Vertical Concealment Shoulder Holster – This popular shoulder holsters allows you to carry your firearm and magazine horizontally or vertically.

Horz vert shoulder holster rigYou can change positions in under one minute and the design allows you to purchase additional holsters and magazine carries and still use the existing straps. The shoulder straps use a padded, non skid material plus a rear strap stops the holster from swinging out front when you bend over.  This Concealment Shoulder Holster has multiple adjustment points allow you to configure the fit of the holster exactly the way you want. Fits many of the popular pistols and includes belt tie downs just in case you need them.


Ambidextrous Ankle Holsters – Need to pack a backup weapon? Our padded CCW ankle holster allows you to carry many different types of firearms. ccw ankle_holster

Our 3 sizes fit firearms ranging from the ultra small NAA Guardian revolvers, J-Frame revolvers, 3” semi automatics, and the popular .380 caliber semi-autos. The ambidextrous feature allows for right or left hand draw. This ankle holster is made from strong, breathable nylon and the small and large ankle holsters feature 1/4″ closed cell foam padding for extra comfort keep this padded ankle holster light but fully adjustable. Includes an adjustable calf strap and a quick release retention strap. This makes a great companion to the CCW ankle double magazine carry holster. Like our other holsters, it’s made in the USA.


Ambidextrous Belly Band Holsters – How often have you wanted to carry your firearm when wearing shorts, loose fitting jeans or other styles of pants? Our uni-sex belly band fills the bill. ccw concealment belly band holster

These ambidextrous belly band holsters allow for right hand, left hand and cross draw and include a spare magazine carry and an accessory pouch to carry extra items if needed. Made from durable, lightweight nylon, this holster is washable and molds to your body’s contour after a few months. Available in 4 waist sizes and 2 pistol holster sizes. Includes a retention strap and is made in the USA. We also offer rear of the back, horizontal belly bands.


Driving Holster – How often have you wanted to carry your firearm when driving and not have to change holsters when getting out of your car? We offer a leather driving holster that doubles as a cross draw holster. holster-driving-cross-draw

Constructed from high end leather, this driving/cross-draw holster allows fast access to your firearm when seated or standing. The holster is molded to fit 50 of today’s popular handguns from compact to full size and can be attached to your belt using snaps or sliding your belt through them.

The holster features a molded front barrel sight channel to protect the sight and allows for a fast draw. Heavy duty stitching and snaps make this a durable and well built holster at a great price.


Viridian Red Lasers – Viridian, king of the green lasers, introduced red dot versions of the extremely popular green laser C5L and X5L lasers. The C5L and X5L-R red lasers include the same solid and strobe options for the laser and flashlight.Laser-Viridian-c5l-r-gun

The Viridian C5L-R laser has a new 140 lumen strobe flashlight that is designed with a wide angle beam to increase lighting up areas in your peripheral vision. The battery life has been increased to a whopping 35+ hours when using only the laser in pulse mode. The red beam on both lasers is visible for 2 miles at night and 75 feet during the day. These lasers also work with the Viridian Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR-  TackLoc holsters that securely hold your gun in the holster and automatically turn the laser on/off as needed.

Watch the short You Tube video on this laser.


Viridian Reactor 5 Green Lasers – Viridian has done it again and created green lasers that can be set to solid or pulse modes with the push of a simple button. Designed to follow the contour of the Ruger LCP or LC9, it mounts under the barrel and complements the overall appearance of your Ruger. Viridian-Ruger-R5-Green-Laser

A small LED light above the on/off button displays green or amber for 2 seconds, informing you about the battery remaining power. To complement this Reactor 5 laser, Viridian includes an Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR – pocket holster.  This unique holster remembers what the laser is in when holstered.  This means you can holster the Ruger LCP or LC9 with the laser turned on and it automatically turns off the laser.  When you remove the Ruger from the holster, the laser is automatically turned on. Includes a second set of batteries.

Watch the short You Tube video on the Reactor 5 green laser.


Crimson Trace Defender Red Laser – Ever want a Crimson Trace laser but couldn’t afford it? Crimson Trace introduced their Defender Series lasers  at a very affordable price. Crimson Trace Laser


The bright red activation switch makes it easy to turn on/off this pre-sighted laser that has a battery run time of 2 hours. Attaches in minutes to the rail of Glocks and Springfields, the trigger guard of the LCP or replaces the grip on the revolvers. The Crimson Trace Defender lasers include free batteries for life from Crimson Trace. The Crimson Trace Defender lasers fit most Glock 3rd and 4th generation, Ruger LCP, Springfield XD, XDM and S&W J-Frame and Taurus small frame revolvers.


Accessory Rail Adapters – Do you own a 1911, Beretta or Taurus? Want to attach a laser or flashlight to your pistol but it doesn’t have an accessory rail? Look no further. We offer the best accessory rails that fix this problem.1911 Rail Mount Adapter Colt

Constructed from a high grade medical plastic Delrin compound, this material is incredibly durable. It’s easy to attach and will not scratch or mar your pistol. These accessory rail adapters feature 3 slots which allow you to mount many types of accessories.

I still remember the individual who showed me the damage done to his $1,200 Kimber 1911 because he purchased an inexpensive aluminum rail adapter. Fortunately our adapter was just long enough to hide the damage and kept the accessory securely attached to his firearm. These accessory rail adapters have been tested and approved by many firearm manufacturers, police and Special Forces around the world.

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Women’s CCW Concealment Holsters

Two Great and Inexpensive CCW Concealment Holsters for Women

From my conversations with women, it can be difficult  to conceal a weapon due to clothing manufacturers making women’s apparel small, tight and pants with tiny pockets.  To get around this, we offer different CCW products for women: both a concealment shoulder holster and bra holsters designed for women by women.

Woman's CCW Shoulder HolsterThis shoulder holster for the ladies is soft and can be worn against your skin or over a top.  The holster features 4 strap adjustments, allowing for a comfortable all day and night carry while allowing quick access to your firearm. The 1” wide shoulder straps are designed in a Y fashion to reduce the chance of imprinting while the front center strap is below the bust line and attaches to the 4” wide rear of the holster. Constructed from nylon and a moisture wicking material to stop perspiration issues.

The woman’s shoulder holster weighs under 4 ounces, is available in black or white, right or left hand draw. It has holsters sizes that fit a pistols over all lengths of  3.5” to 5.5” or 4.0” to 7.0” and includes a single magazine carry on the opposite side. Sizes range from 30” to 46” and are based on your bra band size, not cup size.

CCW Bra HolsterThe bra concealment holster is a very affordable option to other bra holsters costing $50 or more. You semi automatic or revolver are attached to the center of the bra using an adjustable strap. To access your firearm, lift your top with your free hand and remove it in a sideways motion with your other hand. It’s easy, fast, affordable and works very well.

Available in black or white, right or left hand draw and fits pistols with an overall length of 4” to 5.75”.

Looking for further info on women’s products? Here’s some additional posts on CCW for Women

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Popular 1911 Rail Adapters

Looking for the Right Rail Adapter?

There are many different types of rail adapters on the accessories market. Here are just a few for different pistols and needs.


This 1911 rail adapter is available from Gunner Security. It’s made from Delrin, which is a very resilient high tech plastic used to make replacement body parts and other industrial products. It has a high tensile strength, does not crack or chip and resists moisture absorption and can take a lot of abuse.

1911 rail adapterTo install the rail adapter, you need to break down the pistol, remove the Slide Stop Pin (SSP) and replace it with the elongated SSP that’s included with the adapter. The elongated SSP helps hold the adapter in place. Slide the adapter down the guns frame and over the elongated SSP. The SSP protrudes through the hole in the adapter to ensure a snug fit. Simply press the adapter down the guns frame until you hear a click.

Screw down the Teflon screw that’s in front of the trigger guard until it just makes contact with the 1911 and you are done. This accessory rail adapter has been tested and approved by Colt, M1911.Org, Navy Seals, US Special Forces, and Military Police around the world.

Pro: Will not scratch or mar the pistol’s finish, its length provides 3 notches which allows mounting of many types of accessories. It can be set up for easy on/off or permanent attachment, the lightest weight on the market . Retail price $58.00

Con: The adapter is a little thick but it’s built very well and should last a lifetime.

Surefire MR07 Rail Adapter

The bulk of the Surefire rail adapter is made from 7000 series aluminum and attaches to the 1911 using a modified slide stop and pin assembly.

1911 rail adapterThis adapter incorporates a small “anti-chafing” pad to reduce scratching the 1911’s dust cover. It’s thin and doesn’t weight much.

Pro: The thinnest rail adapter on the market and can be removed and reinstalled easily.

Con: The single notch on the rail limits you to only a handful of Surefire products. The $90.00 to $120.00 price tag makes it the most expensive adapter I found.

Railtac Rt-1 Rail Adapter

The RailTac RT-1 is constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and black anodize. The adapter attaches to your pistol using 3M VHB alloy adhesive tape, which the manufacturer claims its incredibly strong and provides a permanent attachment to alloys.

1911 rail adapterIf you decide to remove the “permanent” adapter, you have to insert small screw driver between the adapter and the 1911’s dust cover and pry between the adhesive tape and the adapter through a special recessed area found on both sides of the adapter. Then the adhesive tape must be removed from the adapter and firearm.

To reinstall, RailTac recommends you purchase the Loctite brand superglue gel. If you want to remove the rail adapter after using the Loctite gel, you have to apply direct heat to the rail using a heat gun and carefully pry off the heated rail using an oven mitt.

Pros: The shortest and most compact of the 1911 rail adapters.

Cons: The short length may limit what accessories you can attach. The adapter must be attached using adhesive tape and removal can be difficult. You can mar the 1911’se dust cover, the adapter can be mounted slightly off center and is advertised to only fit the 1911 Government and 1911 Commander. Retail is $49.00.

Conclusion: My favorite is the TRG adapter. It is affordable, allows for many accessories,  has fit every full sized 1911 pistol to date, easy to install and it will not damage the pistol’s finish.

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Colorado Recall Election Worked

Well there you have it. Here is the outcome and the follow up my blog I posted on July 25th. On September 10th 2013, history was made in Colorado when gun right advocates of Colorado Springs and Pueblo voted out of office senator John Morse and state senator Angels Giron. Governor Hickenlooper who has consistency said one thing and done just the opposite was “stunned” by the results. Well my friends, its time the career politicians who have forgotten that they should be serving us, the citizens of America and not the lobbyists and the top one percent of America should be taking note.

Thomas Jefferson had it right when he stated “No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms”, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have” and my favorite “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Virdian LaserI am all for background checks but the 30 round magazine issue is just plain dumb. I have been selling firearm accessories for almost 9 years and have owned firearms for over 35 years. For all of us who own “assault rifles” (who came up with that ridiculous name?) magazines can be swapped out in about one second. Reducing the amount of rounds is not the issue. The issue is cutting mental care funds because they need another billion dollar bomber or continue to give corporation’s huge tax credits who have sent millions of our jobs outside of America.

In this case, when politicians having no clue about firearms make decisions that affect thousands of Colorado gun owners who do know what they are talking about, maybe, just maybe, other politicians will take notice and listen for once in their life.

I am thrilled that Colorado banded together and succeeded at holding those who make sweeping decisions accountable for their actions.  State Senator Greg Brophy commented that  70% of Democratic voters they questioned opposed one or a  combination of the proposals (either the comprehensive package, the background checks, the liability claim, or the high-capacity magazine ban).”  “These poll numbers prove that Governor Hickenlooper and the Democrats are listening to Bloomberg and Biden instead of Coloradans”.  (source Daniel Halper, the weekly standard)

I wish I would have kept the email from the person who told me he would not order anything from me because I live in a “gun control state” and “actions have consequences”. I wonder if he knows or cares what has just happened for the first time in the history of Colorado.  Blaming me for the actions of politicians who I don’t agree with was really something I could control is crazy.  If I lived in either of those two counties I would have been first in like to cast my recall vote.

The historic event proves politicians can be recalled and held accountable for going against the wishes of their citizens. I just wonder how hard it would be to recall about 200 more of them and get the greatest nation on this planet back on track.

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Viridian C5L-R Red Laser & TacLoc Holster

I was surprised with all of the “Green is Better” marketing Viridian has been conducting since the start of their company. Then out of nowhere, they introduce two red lasers, the Viridian C5L-R and X5L-R red lasers. Both of these can go head to head with the other red dot and flashlight combo lasers and if you know about the Viridian lasers, they offer a lot of features.

Viridian C5L-R Red LaserThe C5L-R is the exact same size as the C5L with the green laser but it’s more than $100 dollars cheaper. Battery life is from 75 minutes (laser and light), 20 hours laser only in constant mode to a whopping 35+ hour laser only on pulse mode.

The flashlight’s beam has been changed from the standard round circle to a more flattened beam so it’s wider at the sides making it more of a wide angle beam. The flashlight emits 100 lumens when set to solid mode and increases to 140 lumens when set to strobe.

Viridian X5L-R Red Laser

Viridian X5L-R Red LaserThe X5L-R looks just like the X5L green version but has longer battery life. The constant laser goes from 7 hours (green laser version) to 30 hours and from 10 hours (green laser version) to an incredible 45 hours in pulse laser mode. Pulse laser and light combo run for 90 minutes.

Both lasers feature a red beam that can be seen up to 25 yards in daylight and 1 mile at night The red laser can be set using a constant on mode or one of three strobe modes. The flashlight can also be set at three different brightness settings, plus you can set it to use a constant on or one of three pulse modes. Just like their Green counterparts, the laser and light settings can be combined so both the laser and light function together.

A pulsing or strobing laser beam allows your eye to see the laser dot quicker than when in solid mode. Also a pulsing beam gives you extra battery life. Installation is fast and a snap and only takes a few minutes and all of the tools are included.

TacLoc Holster

Here’s a video that I made discussing and demonstrating the Viridian CRL-R and TacLoc Holster. I think you will enjoy seeing the the laser and the holster in action. Feel free to share it as well!

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